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Stargazing at Papa Fernández

Star Gazing Tips

Baja California is a great location for star gazing providing you are away from the few major cities and their light pollution. Papa Fernández is a prime location because it is really far from any major city and with a wide view of the sky, free from obstructions, and with overcast sky a rare thing in the desert.

Ideally bring along a friend to share the wonders of the heavens. The first hour after after dusk is an excellent time to look for low-earth orbit satellites, especially before moonrise. And, don't be surprised if you are startled by a shooting star or two.

Make sure you bring a comfortable chair, your favorite beverage, and then take the time to enjoy yourself.

Click on table below for a custom-made star chart for tonight, oriented in any direction (North, South, East or West).

Custom Star Chart for Tonight
Direction Time
NORTH Sunset Midnight Sunrise
SOUTH Sunset Midnight Sunrise
EAST Sunset Midnight Sunrise
WEST Sunset Midnight Sunrise

Papa Fernández star charts are courtesy of Horizon Views by John Walker. The latitude and longitude used for the star charts is 29°49'44"N and 114°24'10"W.

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